Travel Insurance you can book on this site
Travel Insurance you can book on this site

Imagine your mental travel checklist: Tickets? Check. Bags packed? Check. Travel insurance? No problem, it’s covered by my credit card. But is it? Seeing the world beyond your doorstep costs money, so your clients may be tempted to rely on their credit card coverage as their travel insurance. The insurance may be “free,” but will it provide all the coverage they may require?

Manulife Financial Travel Insurance offers many travel insurance options and there’s plenty of flexibility between options. Ask your clients about their credit card coverage to help determine if they have adequate coverage should a medical emergency occur while they are away.

How long are you covered for?
Travel insurance cannot be purchased once your client has left their home province. It is important to check the length of stay covered by credit card travel insurance, as well as any applicable restrictions. Manulife Financial Travel Insurance can be used instead of, or to top up, credit card travel insurance.¹

Are you covered for emergency medical care after you arrive at your destination?
Your client needs to be aware that not only do they have emergency medical protection when travelling to and from the airport, while travelling on the plane or in the taxi, but also protection if they suffer an accident or become ill after arriving at their destination. And if there is one reason to buy travel insurance, this is it: A simple trip across the border can result in thousands of dollars per day in hospital costs, as expenses may not be covered.

If your client is unsure, taking the time to check and knowing how much coverage they have before leaving is infinitely better than being underinsured or completely uninsured when a medical emergency happens.

Are there any restrictions or exclusions based on your age and health?
Up to the age of 59, when you apply for Manulife Financial Travel Insurance there are no restrictions based on age and no medical questionnaire is required. For individuals over 60, a medical questionnaire is required.

In case of a medical emergency, will you have to pay your medical expenses out of pocket?
When possible, Manulife Financial Travel Insurance’s Assistance Centre will arrange to make direct payments to the medical facility on behalf of your client. We also coordinate the claim with your client’s existing health plans or provincial government health care plan.

What if you can’t go on your trip for some unforeseen reason? Does it include cancellation insurance before departure as well as interruption insurance during the trip?
Your clients should check their credit card travel insurance to confirm if it includes trip interruption insurance and/or cancellation insurance. They should also check whether the coverage maximums are sufficient to protect their investment. In the event that your client has to return home due to a death in the immediate family, interruption insurance can help pay for the costs associated with the return to their home province and can defray the cost of unused travel arrangements.

Does the insurance coverage include baggage loss, theft or damage?
While not always available with credit card travel insurance, Manulife Financial Travel Insurance offers all-inclusive plans that provide coverage for baggage loss, damage and delay.

Are the people travelling with you also insured?
Some credit card travel insurance does not provide coverage for large families. Manulife Financial Travel Insurance offers family coverage on Emergency Medical and Travel Canada Plans.

Can you receive assistance wherever you are in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
Verify that the credit card travel insurance provides a toll-free phone number should a medical emergency occur. With Manulife Financial Travel Insurance, toll-free travel assistance as well as a TravelAid mobile app are available to all policyholders.


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